Live: Suzy Va // Tonio Geugelin

Constant Magic meets Constant Change!

Suzy Va is a singer and songwriter from Berlin. In the last two eventful years she wrote a couple of songs which tell of ever-changing life and about the acceptance of those changes. Nine of these songs will be released on the album “Constantly Changing” early 2019. It is a fusion of rock-pop-jazz with folkloristic influences, with a delightful narrative qualitiy. Music which snags your attention and invites your full immersion – Stories about change and hope. The new name says it all: Suzy moves, Suzy grows, Suzy Va.

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German artist Tonio Geugelin features his violin and voice whilst experimenting with electronic production blending an array of genres ranging from organic beats, singer-songwriter to contemporary soul.
Constituting an electronic live band all by yourself, that’s exactly what the German violin wizard Tonio Geugelin does. Equipped with a violin and a loop station, Tonio takes you on an electronic beatboxing and singing trip that will reverberate within you for a long time.